Decolonizing the mind

-Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o-

We therefore learnt to value words for the meanings and nuances. Language was not a mere string of words. It had a suggestive power well beyond the immediate and lexical meaning. Our appreciation of the suggestive magical power of language was reinforced by the games we played with words through riddles, proverbs, transposition of syllables, or through nonsensical but musically arranged words…the language of our evening teach-ins, and the language of our immediate and wider community, and the language of our work in the fields were one.

And then I went to school, a colonial school, and this harmony was broken. The language of my education was no longer the language of my culture.”

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15.00 – Receiving guests

15.30 – Introduction of African School and Pan African Experts Platform(PAEP)

15.45 – The Lecture By Dr. Otieno

16.30 – Questions and active participation

17.00 – Closing


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