Terms & Conditions of Delivery


Buyer: Any natural person or legal entity who gets into contact with International African School (hereafter: IAS) to enter into an agreement.

Agreement: Any agreement established between IAS and the buyer, any change or addition thereto, as well as all legal acts in preparation and implementation of that agreement.

Products: Greeting cards, Note books, Magazine and other African related merchandise.

Services: The services, including advice, teaching and service in the broadest sense that IAS provides whether or not concerning products.

Order/Order: Any order of the buyer to IAS, orders, etc. can be placed through the web shop of IAS

Article 1: General

By placing an order through the web shop of IAS, the buyer states that he agrees with the general terms & conditions. IAS has the right to change the general terms & conditions and the contents of it after the expiration of the term of validity.

IAS will ensure that:

The order is executed after receipt of the payment to PayPal or Ideal.

The ordered products are delivered to the buyer, by which the postage costs are entirely at the expense of the buyer.


Is authorized to involve third parties for the execution of the order (s) of the buyer.

Is entitled to refuse the buyer access to the system of IAS without giving any reason.

Article 2: Offer & Agreement

All offers are not binding. IAS reserves herself the right of changing prices, especially when this is necessary on the ground of regulations.

An agreement is concluded when IAS has confirmed the acceptance of her offer by the buyer online and the buyer has received the confirmation. In some cases, IAS has the right to withdraw this offer within 02 (two) working days after the confirmation online.

Article 3: Prices & Rates/Postage Costs

All prices include VAT at the moment. This might soon change. IAS reserves the right to change its prices and tariffs. The prices and rates indicated by IAS are with a provision. IAS  does not accept responsibility for the consequences of printing errors, changes in prices, models, types and versions IAS Shipping costs are inclusive of VAT, unless otherwise expressly agreed. For the Netherlands, the following costs for postage are applicable for:


Greeting cards:


Article 4: Payment

The following payment methods are possible: IDEAL and PayPal.

Article 5: Delivery/time of delivery/delivery

The orders are delivered at the (postal) address given by buyer. The delivery period of the products takes place within 07 (seven) working days after the payment is received. The delivery period specified by IAS is only indicative. Exceeding the delivery period does give the buyer neither the right to claim damages nor the right to cancel the order. When the delivery period will be exceeded the buyer will be informed by e–mail, telephone or in writing about the delivery period to be expected, allowing IAS a maximum period of 30 (thirty) days to be able to perform. Of course, IAS pays extra attention to the packaging, in order to have the buyer to take delivery of the contents of the delivery in intact state. IAS reserves the right to make partial deliveries, so that an order can be sent in two or more items. In case the order must take place in several deliveries, IAS pays the cost of postage. The buyer will always receive a message of an eventual partial delivery. The cancellation of an order(s) is only possible, if the products ordered by the buyer are not finished. In case the products ordered by the buyer are already printed and ready for shipment, the costs made by IAS until then will be charged to the buyer. IAS reserves the right to refuse returns or to credit only a part of the amount paid by the buyer, when it is suspected that the products have been already used or has been damaged by debt other than that of IAS or the supplier of the product. The costs of the risk during returns and the costs of postage for the return delivery are at the expense of the buyer. IAS accepts returns only after written notification. The risk of loss or damage to goods being the subject of the agreement will pass to the buyer from the moment when the goods are offered and received at the (postal) address given by the buyer. In the case of the discovery of a fault the buyer has to notify IAS within 02 (two) days after receipt of the products. Hereafter the subsequent steps will be determined.

Article 6: Delivery and risk

IAS is in no way responsible for misunderstandings, damages, delays or failure if orders and communications do not get across because of problems with by the Internet or any other means of communication traffic between IAS and the buyer, or between IAS and third parties, as far as they relate to the relationship between the buyer and IAS. The colours of the products, which are shown in the web shop, may differ from actual product colours. IAS takes the risk of sending the product(s). However, the cost of sending will be paid entirely by the buyer.


Article 7: Privacy Personal Data

See the privacy policy listed in the disclaimer of this website.

Article 8: Retention of Title

All the goods delivered to the buyer remain the property of IAS until all amounts due by the buyer for goods supplied in accordance with the contract are paid entirely to IAS.

Article 9: Force Majeure

Each circumstance independent of the will of IAS, as a result of which the fulfilment of her obligations:


  1. Towards the buyer is impeded fully or partially, or
  2. In reason cannot be desired of IAS, regardless of whether that circumstance was foreseen at the time of the closing of the agreement.

These circumstances also include strikes and exclusions, stagnation or other problems at the production by IAS or her suppliers and/or provided transportation by she or by third parties and/or measures by any government agency, telecommunications failures as well as the lacking of any license to be obtained by the authorities.

  1. In case of temporary force majeure IAS is entitled to extend the delivery time during the temporary impediment. If the temporary force majeure lasts longer than thirty (30) days, the buyer is entitled to dissolve the agreement. However, the latter right expires as soon as the temporary situation of force majeure has been raised and the right to dissolve has not been invoked. Subject to article 9.3, the buyer does not have the right to dissolve the agreement and does not receive any compensation in case of force majeure.


Article 10: Applicable law and disputes

To all offers, orders at, and agreements with IAS, the Dutch law is applicable.