Based in The Netherlands, International African School (IAS) is an Online School that teaches Swahili as a second language; Social Studies with a focus on African History, Civics, African Culture, and African Literature. The emphasis is on the use of African folktales to discover Africa.
We are passionate about African culture and would like to keep it alive by continuously telling stories, preserving the traditions of our ancestors, and fostering a deep connection to the vibrant tapestry of Africa. Through our courses, we impart knowledge and ignite a sense of wonder and appreciation for the rich heritage that defines this extraordinary continent. Join us on this educational journey and become a part of the story of Africa through Discovering Africa in The Classroom Program.


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Swahili School

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Discovering Africa in the classroom

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swahili school

Swahili School is your pathway to a rich linguistic and cultural journey.

Our Swahili classes offer:

  • Beginners Level A1 A2
  • Intermediate Level B1 B2

educultural travel

Educultural Travel will take you to vibrant cultures of Kenya and beyond. You will the heart of East Africa, Kenya, experiencing its captivating blend of African, Asian, and Arabic influences. Savor Kenyan culinary heritage, from Mukimo to Chapati, and engage in educational opportunities for IB students.

Join us to make a difference in the world while fostering cultural awareness and a global perspective.


Discovering Africa opens doors to diverse educational opportunities, enriching curricula by showcasing Africa’s global contributions. Our virtual lessons span various subjects, including African History, Social studies, Civics, Music, Cuisine, and Languages.

Our programs significantly contribute to a child’s Social and Emotional Learning.

We are here to help you diversify education in your classroom.


Sauti ya Afrika is a Swahili phrase that translates to ‘The voice of Africa.’ Our voice is expressed through stories that are shared via our Magazine, Podcast, and newsletters. Our podcast episodes are drawn from the captivating stories featured in our magazine, offering you an immersive auditory journey into the lives of people who have lived with extraordinary bravery and have compelling tales to share.

Take heed, Listen to Sauti of Afrika, today!