A new magazine targeting people of African descent has been launched at The Hague in Netherlands. Under the banner Sauti Ya Afrika, the print and online publication will be issued thrice a year.

Speaking at the launch, Tanzanian diplomat Dr Abdallah S. Possi appreciated the initiative stating that reporting about African issues is not perfect and depends on the interests of the dominant media platforms.

“It is therefore important for Africans, or people who are interested in promoting African quality, to come up with a platform that can present an encouraging picture of Africa and Africans.”

Family orientation

The magazine is published by the International African School, at The Hague.

Sauti Ya Afrika will cover a range of topics including art, fashion, culture — a culinary section that currently features a guide on ‘how to cook ugali’.

On the choice of the Kiswahili word ‘Sauti’, Trony Ingati, the editor-in-chief, explained that it represented unity of voice as opposed to ‘kelele’ (noise).

“Our magazine touches on various demographics but is essentially family oriented … with something for everyone,” said Mr Ingati.

Nevertheless, the primary audience remains Africans in Africa, Africans in the Diaspora, Caribbean, black people all over the world as well as friends of Africa.

The event commenced with a cover of Fadhili Williams’s popular song ‘Malaika’ rendition by Liesbeth Peroti from Suriname.

The print publication will be available in Europe while the rest of the world will access it via web subscription.

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