Master Classes

“He who falls teaches others a lesson” 

To order a master class for your organization or Classroom, please contact us: [email protected] 


  • African History, Culture, Philosophy, and Politics.
  • Epistemic decolonization – link to history, curriculum (education and political theory) understanding the colonial contexts within which concepts, arguments, and approaches have been developed and advanced.
  • Linguistic decolonization.
  • Decolonization of political thought and practice.
  • African interaction with others:-Intricacies, dilemmas, racialized inequalities and their origins (the role of  knowledge, discourse, and culture in colonial power structures and continuity in the post-flag independence)
  • Decolonization strategies (alternatives to Eurocentric knowledge, epistemologies, and pedagogies).
  • Developments in Africa (Past, present, and the future).
  • African diaspora.
  • Black Feminism.
  •  Africana Womanist.
  •  Postcolonial Studies.
  •  Critical Whiteness Studies.
  •  Black Diaspora.
  •  Migration Studies.
  •  Gender Studies.
  •  Africana Studies.
  • Black Canada Studies.
  •  workshops on Critical whiteness, Anti-discrimination/ racism, race dinners, postcolonial, and intersectional diversity.