Times are shifting, and for the first time, people of African descent are taking charge of their lives. Afrocentric Education has never been as popular as it is now in America, especially among homeschoolers.

The people of African descent are grappling with their identity and are more hungry than ever to learn about the wisdom and ways of their ancestors. Africa is no longer a mere nostalgia, but a reality, and this reality can be seen in the numerous trips to Africa by people of African descent in America and the Caribbean.

“Catch them while they are young…” was the slogan used during enslavement. The same slogan is now being used by the survivors of this cruel experience to create healing through Afrocentric Education.
And this is where International African School Netherlands comes in. It is an Online School that amplifies African voices and interests through education in History, Languages, and Culture reaching a
wide network internationally. Swahili, being the main African Language offered, hoping to add more as we grow, has reached far and wide, thanks to the modern technology. 

Discovering Africa Program is where the children in Primary and Secondary levels get to learn more about Africa and the African  people from the Africans themselves. For ages our stories have been told by others- now is the time we tell our stories ourselves to  our children using the right intonation, punctuations, and conjunctions and in our voices- Sauti. 

We are committed to celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Africa and her peoples; to share our ancestral knowledge and empower the people of African descent in the diaspora while we encourage
the people on the continent to value and retain the positive culture.

Follow us on this amazing journey.