educultural travel (Netherlands, Europe)

IAS organizes Educational trips for Kenyan primary & Secondary Students. We take the burden off your shoulders by arranging the itinerary and accommodation for you while you focus on the main goal of your travel.

With Educultural travel, these are some of the places you can expect to visit both in Netherlands and Europe as a whole.  


The anatomy museum BODY WORLDS: The Happiness Project in the heart of Amsterdam takes visitors on a thrilling voyage of discovery through the human body, in search of what makes us happy and the impact of happiness on our health.

More than 200 anatomical specimens of real human bodies show the complexity, resilience, and vulnerability of the body. They show how our organs work, and the effect of common diseases.

Visual Art

Here, you will see the famous works of Vincent Willem van Gogh and Rembrandt, the two famous Dutch Painters. Van Gogh was a Dutch Post-Impressionist painter. His work had a great influence on modern art because of its striking colors and emotional power. time. In March 1886, he moved to Paris.

As for Rembrandt, in his paintings and prints, he exhibited knowledge of classical iconography, which he molded to fit the requirements of his own experience. Because of his empathy for the human condition, he has been called “one of the great prophets of civilization.

Law & History

ICC  is an intergovernmental organization and international tribunal. The ICC has the jurisdiction to prosecute individuals for the international crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes  OR International Court of Justice whose main role is to settle in accordance with international law, and legal disputes submitted to it by states and to give advisory opinions on legal questions referred to it by authorized United Nations organs and specialized agencies.

Biology Corpus journey through humans

Through interactive games and tests, knowledge can be gained in a playful way about the functioning of the human body and about the importance of exercise, responsible eating, and healthy life!

Disneyland Paris

The amusement park is approximately 1 hour’s drive from the centre of Paris. You will Visit famous attractions such as Space Mountain, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom,

Pirates of the Caribbean, Peter Pan’s Flight and much more.

Leisure & Geography

You shall explore Amsterdam with Amsterdam canal cruises. This is a great way to see Amsterdam’s history, and of course, have fun boat riding


A tour and explanation of Diamonds processing will be done. You will see the various beautiful stones with your naked eyes. On a map, you will see that Africa is the richest continent in diamonds yet the poorest- an eye-opener and a trigger for thinking to our future leaders


Interestingly enough, the Netherlands is a cold country, but the Dutch are champions in innovation and creativity. 

This is the only camel dairy farm in Europe and the milk from this farm is the only one that may be sold legally in the EU. Besides that, camel milk is sold in the Netherlands, it is also exported to the UK, Belgium, Germany, Austria, and Sweden.

The camels of the company are actually dromedary camels (one-humped camels), imported from the Canary Islands. There are about 80 dromedary camels of which about 25 are milked, which provides a total of about 175 liters of milk per day.

Marine Science Museum Rotterdam.

The museum is located in the oldest and largest museum port in the Netherlands where you can experience on historic ships and cranes how the world port of Rotterdam began on this very spot.

Paris Eifel Tower, France

What better way to practise the French language than to visit the capital itself?

Stroll the boulevards, gaze at the impressive monuments, enjoy great works of art and savour the atmosphere. Students will love the experience of exploring Paris whilst using their French language skills, and they are certain to return home feeling inspired and more confident in their linguistic ability.



The story of Anne Frank and her family hiding during the 2nd world war is captivating. This is a traveling exhibition of children with lesson material that can be downloaded. What was it like for Anne Frank during World War Two? How important was reading and writing for her?  During the summer season, many people from around the world visit the Anne Frank House.

Space Science

Space Expo is Europe’s first permanent space exhibition. 

You will see what it was like for the first men on the Moon and Experience the simulated launch of an Ariane rocket ‘live’. You will discover the world of satellites with the test models of European space missions. You will also learn about astronauts and how they live and work in space. 

And you will see their real Soyuz space capsule!


The Delta Works were built after the 1953 flood disaster to protect Zeeland’s land from the sea. It is the largest storm surge barrier in the world and this unique construction is well worth a visit!

The Delta Works were built after the 1953 flood disaster to protect Zeeland’s land from the sea. It is the largest storm surge barrier in the world and this unique construction is well worth a visit!

Science Nemo

A day at NEMO fits in perfectly with the curriculum of primary education. Pupils from all groups learn a lot from the world of science and technology by doing and experiencing themselves. Join the students on an expedition to the various exhibitions and discover in a playful way how bridges work, why you sometimes see things that are not there, how lightning occurs, and much more.

Cheese Factory

The Dutch are well known for their love of cheese. You shall be shown all the steps of making cheese.