12th March 2021, Online event live in The Netherlands, Germany, Kenya and USA at 20.00 CET – Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o is one of the giants of literature of any people or age. His influence on world literature indisputable. The continent of Africa and the entire world is proud to have him in their midst. He continues to extend the boundaries of literature and to emphasize the importance of native languages in the evolution of cultures.
On 12th March 2021, 20.00 Central Eastern Time (22.00 East African Time) we will have the honor of sitting with this great man to discuss his life and work, especially his latest work, The Perfect Nine. It is a feminist manifesto in verse, a work that was inspired by the famous Catalan legend Canigo by Jacinth Verdaguer. The Perfect Nine is a creation story from the African perspectives with emphasis on the role of women, the bearers of cultures, who have influenced the trajectory of the present and future and have ensured the survival of humanity since the first beginning.
“The book is an accumulation of all the themes that had defined the work of this pioneer of African literature: the struggle for freedom, love, language, friendship, knowledge…,” Rose Kamande, Kaaal organizer of the Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o event said.

“Join us for this unique opportunity to pick the mind of this living legend. You will have the chance, one in a lifetime, to see him and to interact with him. You are all welcome,” Kaaal organizer, Dutch-African Author and Writer Vamba Sherif said.