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Diversity & Inclusion Training

African School is offering workshops and training on  Diversity & inclusion, subconscious biasness and ways of building Bridges

The primary audience for this course is anyone who is interested in learning about race/racism, who has never taken a course in critical race or ethnic studies or affiliated fields (indeed, who may not know what the fields of critical race studies or ethnic studies are), who has never read a book about race/racism or attended any race equity or diversity trainings on the topic of race/racism.
Through group exercises, video analysis, and discussion, we will become aware of our self-perception, question stereotypes, and try to practice a change of perspective. We will address the discomfort that white people experience when confronted with (their own) racism (white fragility). Ideally, we will create a space for the respectful exchange of thoughts and ideas on an important current social topic and expand our awareness of the prerequisites for equal communication between people of different races, origins and identities.

In this course you will learn how to:
• Use and comprehend contemporary intersectional terminology through a provided glossary.
• Critically discuss “whiteness “, “white fragility” and “white privilege.”
• Define systemic and institutional racism.
• Learn about the true foundations of the western world’s histories beginning with the settler colonialism and slavery.
• Critically discuss sub-conscious biasness.
• The psychological impact and trauma of racism on people of African descent.
• Recognize that anyone can be anti-racist–it only takes the dedication and decision to be anti-racist by diving into the subject matter.
• Bridge- Building


These courses can be tailored to the following fields.
• Education
• Counselling & Social work
• Medical
• Policing
• Art (Music, Entertainment)
• Government policies