Psychology for the manager | post college graduate

How do you gain more insight into people’s behaviour? Would you like to know more about psychological science and how to link it to creativity at work?  Psychology plays an important role in collaboration in the workplace. 

Understanding, influencing, motivating and getting employees involved: as a manager you are faced with complex human behavior and teamwork. To deal with this properly, you need psychological knowledge and insight.

You therefore think it is time to look for the core of psychology, behavioral change, professional development and cooperation. In this versatile training at post-graduate level you will gain valuable knowledge and insights from psychology and know how to apply them to improve collaborations.

You learn to respond better to teams and individuals and thus take yourself, the organization and / or your team to a higher level. A logical step, therefore, to delve into this field as a manager or professional.

Insight into organizing from a psychological perspective

Combines essential knowledge with practical skills

Under the guidance of a recognized psychologist / trainer you will learn about a range of facets of human behavior.


  • You increase your knowledge and understanding of the field of psychology
  • You are able to observe, analyze and influence people’s behavior
  • You learn to identify psychological processes in different organizational areas
  • You increase your leadership through the balance between task-oriented and people-oriented aspects
  • You learn to better utilize the potential of your employees and / or colleagues
  • You are able to connect with all stakeholders in the field in situations of absenteeism, resistance, conflict and change
  • Your influence grows because you get people and processes moving

Target audience  

This training at post-HBO level is extremely suitable for (prospective) managers, school leaders, project leaders, account managers, etc. No specific prior training is required to register for this training. HBO work and thinking level is desirable.

Online learning platform (Virtual Campus)

The Action Learning Academy has a modern online learning platform. It offers participants the opportunity to address specific competencies even more strongly.

The Virtual Campus has an interactive study guide with: up-to-date study materials, learning objectives, activities, action learning assignments, background information, useful links and interactive applications, such as a virtual classroom, online coaching, chats, forums, questionnaires, tests and videos.

Study method Action Learning

One of the most important characteristics of the learning philosophy Action Learning is that you work from your own learning needs and with current issues from practice. The purified experiences are shared from a wide variety of disciplines and branches. Read more here

Practical assignment & diploma

During the training, the participants work on an integrated practical assignment, in which the knowledge and insights gained are applied to the organization and you reflect on your own development. If you complete the final assignment with a positive result, you will receive the ALA certificate Post-HBO Psychology for the Manager.

Re-registration School Leaders Register PO

Re-registration value 65%

In the context of the re-registration, the course was found to be opaque for the theme: ‘Personal Leadership’, for  the sub-theme ‘Professional learning community’ from the theme: Knowledge & quality development. For the sub-themes ‘Dealing with differences as a team’, ‘Dealing with differences and cooperation’ from the theme: ‘Dealing with differences’. Read more here


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