Creative Leadership Practitioner

A success formula with Action Learning, Lean & Design Thinking

Would you like to get acquainted with all aspects of this innovation accelerator? Working on your own practical issues? M et the knowledge and tools D esign guide Thinking trajectory guide in your organization or team?

We are increasingly confronted with issues that have an open, dynamic, and complex character. Both in the profit and non-profit sector. Issues such as the construction of new highways, innovative education, talent recruitment, changing needs of patients, challenges in the field of aging or accelerating a start-up or scale-up.

Seeing from a different perspective, collaborating, and stepping out of context, always keeping stakeholders in mind. Design Thinking helps to come up with relevant, original, and creative solutions.

The Creative Leadership Practitioner training helps you to solve action-oriented complex issues and at the same time increase the innovative capacity of the team and organization.

Increase your agility as a creative leader

Social innovation, high practical value, and original solutions

Action Learning as a unique training concept

Development process

With this inspiring training you take a good step to introduce a proven creative process in your organization, to increase the innovative capacity of your team and thereby strengthen yourself as a professional. You will also receive the latest scientific insights into unleashing creativity, and you will receive practical tools to apply the method in your own working environment.

This creative training goes through the 5 phases of Design Thinking: Empathy, Design, Ideate, Prototype and Test. You follow the Action Learning process: discovering, researching, developing, drafting, and thinking.

By working yourself with the various tools and methodologies based on a concrete case, you can immediately apply what you have learned in practice. Action Learning pure sang.

From a clear problem definition to a tangible prototype

Learn the characteristics of a good design thinking team.

Recognize the importance of empathy in the design thinking process.

Target audience

This training is intended for anyone who wants to increase the innovation power in the organization creatively and quickly, to innovate products or services, who needs practical tools and methods or to give creativity more space in his team.

After completion you are able

  • to look at challenges with a different mindset and perspective.
  • (re) formulate design issues based on the main theme.
  • apply the design principles of Design Thinking
  • create empathy for the customer, employees, and colleagues
  • to increase innovation power and to realize process improvements
  • improve the creativity and efficiency of employees
  • promote mutual trust and creativity in teams
  • using a wide range of techniques to get from idea to implementation

Online learning platform (Virtual Campus)

The Action Learning Academy has a modern online learning platform. It offers participants the opportunity to address specific competencies even more strongly.

The Virtual Campus has an interactive study guide with: up-to-date study materials, learning objectives, activities, action learning assignments, background information, useful links and interactive applications, such as a virtual classroom, online coaching, chats, forums, questionnaires, tests and videos. Read more here


If you have followed the entire training, you will receive the ‘Creative Leadership Practitioner’ certificate from us.

Further training

After successfully completing this training you can develop further as a Creative Leader. Also view the Certified Creative Leadership follow-up course. Read more here

Register teacher

This training is listed in the Registered Teacher under number: 00501-03280

Customization & in-company

This training is ideally suited as a tailor-made program. This program can be tailor-made depending on the training demand and / or the organizational wishes.


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