Certified Manager (CM) 

Which form of cooperation suits your department or team best? Do you need a solid framework so that you can solve complex practical issues? And what actually makes you a successful manager?

Management is a profession in itself. A trade you can learn. A profession with impact. Choose to evolve from a professional to a leader with the Certified Manager for Executives training.

Insight, interaction and impact

Develop crucial skills tailored to the work context.

The post HBO Certified Manager course provides a concrete answer to these issues. You experience that management is a field that is constantly evolving, especially in these times when complex changes follow each other at a rapid pace. As a (prospective) manager you have a versatile bridging function with complex challenges.

During this popular training, three necessary roles as a leader are linked, namely that of leader, coach and manager. This training not only develops business knowledge, coaching and leadership skills, but also challenges you to solve your own practical issues. We call this butter with the fish.

Integral management, coaching & leadership program. 

Complete post-graduate education


  • You have developed a broad business knowledge of various relevant fields
  • You master different management styles
  • You can use the roles of leader, coach, manager and trainer
  • You can connect your personal ambition and that of the organization
  • You can translate strategic decisions to the workplace
  • You have management and coaching skills
  • You can set realistic plans and goals
  • You are an equal discussion partner for the team, colleagues and the manager

Target group and previous education

This intensive program is ideally suited for team leaders, managers, coordinators, project leaders, school leaders, education and care managers, account managers, process managers, etc.

The training is also extremely suitable for highly trained professionals who continue to develop as a manager.

To be admitted to this post-graduate course, we require at least a higher vocational education level of work and thinking. Don’t you have that? No problem, you can use a self-study program to acquire the necessary prior knowledge.

Diploma, register and title CM

If you have successfully completed the Certified Manager program, you will receive the ALA post-graduate certificate Certified Manager, you will be included in the CM register  of IRALPRO (International Registered Action Learning Professional) and you may use the professional title CM after your name.

Study method Action Learning

The program consists of interactive guest lectures, intensive coaching,  Virtual Classrooms , company visits, meetings with top teachers and experts and action learning set meetings. The purified experiences are shared from a great diversity of disciplines and branches.

One of the most important characteristics of the learning philosophy Action Learning is that you work from your own learning needs and with current issues from practice.

Online learning platform (Virtual Campus)

The Action Learning Academy has a modern online learning platform. It offers participants the opportunity to address specific competencies even more strongly.

The Virtual Campus has an interactive study guide with: up-to-date study materials, learning objectives, activities, action learning assignments, background information, useful links and interactive applications, such as a virtual classroom, online coaching, chats, forums, questionnaires, tests and videos. 


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